So, I believe I'm going to have around $1000 bucks soon, but I am going to save up about 1400-1500 for a beautiful acoustic that I feel I deserve. I really don't want to go over this price range, due to taxes and such I'd end up paying close to 2 grand. The problem right now is what brands to try. I am not going to buy a guitar without thoroughly trying it and finding the perfect one for my needs.

The brands that I am focusing on right now are Breedlove and Larrivee, but I need some others to choose from. There was a really nice Larrivee at a local shop for $1400 but someone bought it and now Larrivee's have jumped up in price. Any brands will help, I know Taylor and Martin's too, but the only really nice ones I have played were 2000-3000+. Any help appreciated guys!

Oh and also, don't be like "Well see, this Taylor here's only 3 grand. I'm suer you can come up with the extra cash.."

FORGOT TO MENTION: I'm looking for a cutaway electric/acoustic. Sorry haha

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Well see, this Taylor here's only 3 grand. I'm suer you can come up with the extra cash

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Check out seagull, great guitars, also alvarez makes some great guitars. If you can find one try to find a Schecter acoustic, great quality and you won't have to spend near as much as you have. One piece of advise i give you, don't buy a $1500 guitar just b/c you have that much. Shop around all price ranges. Buy the guitar that you think is the best for you.
Yeah I know. I'm definitely going to set aside a day and just go around town to every shop I can find any play everything from 600 to 1500. I really liked that Larrivee I played, great tone and sound. Beautiful guitar. That's definitely up there on my list.