im gonna buy this guitar (im new so i think i should start with this one):
First Act Electrical Guitar Pack - Navy Blue

I want to know if its any good... oh and by the way im 14

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Honestly, First Acts are pretty terrible.

What's your budget and do you have an amp yet?

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it's an ok started guitar i guess......
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I suggest you don't buy that...firstly it's an unknown brand which could be quite dodgey...2ndly, for a first guitar, you won't be very versatile with a single humbucker. I recommend getting an Ibanez starterkit, or a Yamaha pacifica.
I bought the ibanez, and to be honest with you, I was seriously surprised with how it's holding up, been around 4 years or so, no proper damage, everything seems quite mint condition, except for the volume knob but that's something that happens over time, plus after 4 years you tend to get something else...a quality guitar...cough*ec-1000*cough xD

Hope that helped, but yeah, I wouldn't recommend that.
Yeah, with a 200-250 $ budget you can get yourself a good starter amp (roland micro cube, under 100 bucks) and a guitar that will probably get you started on what's a bend & what's the blues, like one of those squier wonders. You can definitly get those plus a cable & a tuner for approx. 200 $.

Oh yeah, +1 for the guy who said pacifica, really better value than squier yet not much more expensive, you can't top 250 $ for the entire rig.
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Dont Buy It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those Types Of Guitars Are Worse Than A Squier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy An Ibanez Starter Pack!!!!!! It Will Last As Long As Any Other Guitar!!!!!!!!!!! And Sounds Great!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nope dont get that, it doesnt matter that your a beginner or that your 14 man
that doesnt mean you have to have ****ty gear

I agree, an ibanez starter kit would be 1000 times better
but it also depends on your budget and what else you plan to get with that money, and the music style and genre you plan to play
Don't go there. Get a Yamaha pacifica instead. Or even an Ibanez, although my exoerience with their starter pack wasn't great.
or go used, cause low end first acts are terrible, now the high end customs is a different story. If i were you i would definitely go used, if you want to begin learning and have that budget, then used is probably your best bet. I remember when i first started, I bought a used strat copy, which i forget what brand it was, and my cousin gave me his fender frontman 15G (which i still have) and it was a grand total of 60 dollars. The guitar lasted me more than a year, i even resold it, it was beastly. But yea, used is probably a good idea for a beginner, because if you learn fast you will get tired of that guitar quickly, and then you'll be all like "why did i spend 150 on this guitar" cause you will have GAS for a new one, and your parents will be all up in your face about how you just bought one and want another one, trust me i speak from experience i went through that, i had a $100 budget.
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