I have never built a guitar before but I want to know how much and were do I get parts. Also what are the difference between Humbuckers and Single Coil Pickups? Whats the diference between the Floyd Rose Tremolo and the Strat Tremolo?
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Well then start reading =)

If you don't have any of the necessary tools or experience with wood working then I would suggest buying a kit that essentially only needs screwdrivers to put together. If you go that route there are plenty of places to get bodies, necks, hardware, etc. like Carvin and Warmoth. Its not really building it in that case though, just assembly.

Prices all vary on who you buy from and what you buy. There can be $100s of difference depending on what you use for your pickups and hardware. It is much cheaper and easier just to get a decent import guitar if you don't have the slightest clue of what you're doing.
tsktsk, there's loads of threads about this.


Allparts, WD Music, Warmoth, StewMac, Picker's Parts (if you want a Strat) and GFS are the first stores to come to mind.
Price depends on the quality of your choice of wood, the parts and quality of them, and the overall quality of your guitar.
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look up books on amazon! that's wat i did and now i know what to do!! though i haven't started building yet!! but it'll work

p.s. get the one by the kosh guy... or somethin
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well it depends on what your trying to make.

First just read up, there are hundreds of threads just like this, and im sure there are a few tutorials somewhere, First do your research then figure out what you want.

I would say go for Warmoth, reliable good quality stuff, but can be very expensive, if you want to do a build then you need to be prepared to spend a nice chunk of money if you want a nice one.