So, I've been drooling at fender jaguar or jazzmaster. I played them both at local music store, and I don't actually know which one would fit me better.
I think I liked Jazzmaster's pups, but I heard that they are just strat-pups in P90(?)-covers if it's jap-made. I checked and it was made in mexico, so what then?
Jaguar's neck was really nice and I like the metal plates which doesn't mean anything actually.
I was able to get more comfort tones from jazzmaster trough some Vox SS amp, but I doubt I just didin't know how to deal with it. I play some big muff -music like dinosaur jr (j mascis has signature jazzmaster), sonic youth and nirvana and other punk/alt. rock. My budget would be something between 600-900 euros.

So, any opinions about these guitars or suggestions about other models?

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I hate to say it, but chances are the only thing good about that amp is the fact that the name looks a lot like the word "laser"...

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one is the best choice for you

id say just go back and play them both again untill you pick which one you prefer

but thats the best thing for you imo

and yea the jm pickups are strat ones in jm covers, buy some duncan pickups and pop them in and boom J mascis heaven
Jaguar has better cleans and a phase switch

But Jazzmaster has the soapbars....

Personally I perfer the Jazzmaster.
I don't even shred