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ODs go in order of badassness:
Bad Monkey: thick boost, not much extra volume, tiny bit more gain
MI Audio Blues Pro: medium gain OD
Stupid Box: Medium gain OD/added fuzzy edge
Blackstar: High gain OD with fuzzy edge
Power Grid: Heavy Metal of dewwwwm
Big Muff: Chuck Norris

The HDB is acting mostly as a Buffer and clean boost. I SHOULD have placed it right at the end, with the BM up front (buffer in, buffer out) BUT
I'm really limited by the actual pedalboard (EH pedalbag) as to which pedals I put where Very annoying.
Got two buffers in, the overall sound ain't so bad actually compared to straight to the amp! I'm used to have way less TB pedals than that and a brighter sound, but this tames it all nicely in a way. The CM's buffer is FANTASTIC by the way, I couldn't live without it.
Review of the stupid box now please

Have not found many owners of that pedal - everyone seems to favour the Liquid Sunshine. How do you find it for modern rock tones?

Nice looking pedalboard
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No clips, not got ANY recording gear. But miniminimini reviews have been posted of all the new ODs on there.
nice. i nearly bought a used stupid box a year ago. still wondering if i should have bought it...
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