I want to add delay with my pedals and stuff, but NOT send them through the preamp.

I *think* that the effects loop let's you do this, but i have no clue. You'd plug the Send cable into the pedal, and the cable from the pedal to the Return slot. This would add effects straight into the sound, not affecting the preamp, right? This way I can add flangers and delays and stuff.

Well you can always use Flangers and Delays... All i know is my Fender Twin Reverb doesn't have one... :P
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As other have mentioned you use the effects loop to run effects after the pre-amp but before the power amp.

There really are no specific rules as to what you should place where, but experiment and see which sound you are happy with.

Having said that, most people put distortion, Overdrive and Wah in their direct signal chain for sound reasons.

Connect the input of the FX to the FX loop send, and the output to the return.

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Awesome, that's what i needed to know. I'd probably put the Overdrives and stuff through the preamp though.