Im getting pretty fed up with my Laney LC15r at the moment. Its not a bad amp at all, but its definately not for me. At the low (loud TV) volumes I play at, you cant get a good sound out of it alone, and pedals dont sound good through it at all (now i think about it, i shouldnt have gotten rid of my ibanez tubescreamer and my MI Audio Crunchbox... they werent the problem!!!)

The few times i have been able to crank it to about 5 (with gain at around 9) it has sounded as fizzy as it does at bedroom levels. I was thinking of getting an attenuator, but if i dont like the sound of the amp then i should get one of thems first!

Basically im looking for a decent amp to get a GnR tone at loud TV volumes. To be more awkward, it has to be fairly small (no bigger than the blackheart 5w combo) I know there probably isnt an amp that can do this, so im obviously going to use pedals to get there. I was thinking about looking at the Laney VC15, Blackheart Little Giant and orange tiny terror. Can any of these get a GnR tone at sensible bedroom volumes with an OD??

I COULD get an attenuator with either the Laney VC or the blackheart, because im also thinking of selling my vox tonelab (seems pointless as I only use one amp model and one effect on it... i might as well find an amp with that sound and buy the effect) Would an attenuator help? If I were to get an attenuator with the VC15 it would be a while before i could get an OD, so would the attenuated tone alone get me what I want? Sorry to ask so many questions, im just so fed up with my sound right now, it sounds like there is a blanket over the speaker!!

to summarise, i have 4 options:

1) sell Vox Tonelab and Laney LC15r and buy orange tiny terror head (but it be unattenuated and probably without an OD for a few weeks)

2) sell Laney LC15r and get blackheart little giant. sell laney and get weber attenuator and an OD

3) sell Laney LC15r and Vox Tonelab and but laney vc15 and attenuator but be without an OD for a while (would i need one with this set up??)

4) something i havent thought of... anyone got any other ideas?!?!

What type of music are you playing?

I never move the gain knob past 6 because all you get is fizz, but I find you get a perfectly decent metal tone out of it still especially with a TS in front of it.

I find that the gain knob actually does a poor job of controlling the gain on the amp. It really goes from clean to distortion to fix. I just set it around 5 1/2 and then use the volume knob of my guitar for the rest of my adjusments.
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im not a fan of slashrocks2005s tone on the soundclips to be honest... i dont think they sound GnR'ish at all, but it could be the mic. has he done a specific GnR clip? maybe the stuff ive heard isnt eq'd for his GnR tone. if he says he can get one he probably can, so good point, and well noted

T!AN: im mainly looking for a GnR sound. Anything from blues up to GnR type gain, nothing heavier. GnR is the most important mind... Would like to get some Free type tones...

edit: and yeah, ive had some good sounds out of the laney at around the settings you mentioned, its not a bad amp at all, it just isnt suited to me. I cant get what I want out of it. Its more american voiced and im looking for something a little more vintage british
I just realised that i could stretch to the zvex nano - would this get what i want? how loud is it?

edit: oops, sorry for the double post. ive been posting a lot in the gear ads forum where you cant edit posts and i forgot...
^^ Yeah I understand what you're saying. Every now and then I try an coax some nice Marshall-y tones out of the amp and usually end up failing pretty miserably.

I'm honestly not all that knowledgeable about Slash's tone, I just know that the best tones seem to come out of the LC when the gain knob is low and and guitar volume is high. Even around four there's still a good amount of distortion.

Although I think you're best course of action is to find a new amp because the LC are supposed to be more American voice whereas the VC are British voiced.

Best of luck.

EDIT:^ I've never heard one in real life, but eh Zvex does seem pretty impressive and loud. Definitely does the tones you want better the LC...
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i have tried the blackheart now and dont like it, i also tried a DSL401 and it didnt do much for me either (was ok but not worth its price tag)

i now have an attenuator but would love to get an amp that sounded good without it. Can any VC15 owner tell me of it nails a slash tone with an OD pedal? How about the tiny terror?