i have a friends guitar he needs put back together its a no namer with hss setup.the humbuckers not a prob.the 2 singles have me scratchin my head its a no pickgaurd or pickup ring setup.i am not familiar with this setup all i have is the pickup no screws springs and no idea how it mounts into the body and is able to be adjustable??is there a bracket i need to get???i am about to run a dam wood screw in it.somebody help me?
you should go out and buy a grammar pedal and put it to good use.
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i have just pieces and for the 2 singles i have nothing just an empty cavity and a pickup.i can come up with some screws and springs and i can get them in but whats keeping them from falling out? i dont have anything with this setup to look at.guess i am off to musicland tommorow.