Been looking at getting a strat for a while and I was wondering if it's worth the extra £40 for one of these compared a regular MIM strat. What would the difference be?
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It's Korean made with Light Ash (supposedly decent tonewood) body
compared to a MIM it has 22 frets, seymour duncan PUs and a beautiful birdseye maple fretboard. Comes only in 3 colors tho, with black pickguard.
Frankly, I think it's worth it. Loori just described all the differences, now you decide whether you want to shell out the extra moolah.
Thanks! I'll prolly end up buying it, my main problem with strats is that they look soon generic and cheap... thanks mainly to the amount of cheap replicas, so I think it's prolly worth it for the different look; plus arn't seymour ducans supposed to be better pickups?
Guitar: Epiphone Casino
Amp: Laney VC30-212
Tastes vary, I personally like the sound of the MIM pickups, however my friend has a Pacifica with SD singles, and they're really good sounding too.
The Lite Ash is definetly worth I think, I've been planning buying one too, but haven't had the money
It's definitely worth it. Ash body, an awesome birdseye maple neck, seymour duncan pickups, and abalone dot inlays!
hell yeah
it's soo sexy
standard mim strats are so plain.

everything about the lite ash is special
possibly is worth it...

try some blades and second-hand tokais too.
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