Chelsea Handler...? She's pretty cute but her show has got to be the most unfunny talk show on television since...last call w/ carson daly. Agree? Disagree?
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I probably deserve a show less. I'm funnier, and more entertaining, but she's been in the business for a long time, so she can have her moment.
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im gunna have to disagree here. the people on her round table might be boring at times (natasha leggero), but the show as a whole is pretty entertaining.
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um, i don't know who that is

I agree. Think she may be a USA only celebrity. Let's go to the pub instead.
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You win this thread. And UG. I haven't actually lol'd at a post in a really long time. Thanks for changing that. I expect a sig

He expected this.

Something you definitely need to know
you can definitely slap the ham to some o that!
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I lost respect for humanity long ago.
This is just adding insult to injury... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1044418/

Dear god, I really dont think living is worth it anymore...

I was thinking of making some joke about how one of their brilliant acting skills could easily beat out Heath for academy award for the Dark Knight, but im too depressed to try
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