So I read the stickies and am planning on playing some of those acoustics. I currently have a fender that has quite high action and I don't like it at all. I used to think all acoustic guitars had high action like that but my friend has a $700 martin that plays great. Can you get an acoustic that plays well with lower action for $300? I would prefer a dreadnought with a single cutaway, but these are also options, and I think I would like the way they play more (still trying to get to guitar center to try them out):




anyone played these?
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Get the Alvarez. Ovations are usually to be avoided at this price range. Ibanez is just plain bad. Especially the exotic wood and art wood series. They're just made of crappy laminate that look unique is all.
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Get an Acoustic and Add pickups later for acoustic electric, you get a better guitar for the money. And yes mitchells are awesome