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Synthetic sunlight
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The sun will soon reveal
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Synthetic sunlight
suspended from a string


if one goes out
will the universe go dark?


Send me LED messages in Morse code.
I want to hear you across the galaxies.

You left for another planet,
in a rocket full of smokey exhalations
and mind-numbing conversations.

After all I want you to know is:

.. .-.. --- ...- . -.-- --- ..-

but, light doesn't travel too fast
through hazy nights.

-- The sun will soon reveal --

The sunshine
flatters its rays.
They scatter and fade
in ways that find
a break in the chain
for it to display
and bring you to shame.

The sunshine
won't let me get scared
when I've been confined.
They've thrown me in there
so many times.
I've grown not to care
of what they will try.

And if I die,

I'll meet you there

where angels carry life

-- Bridge --

Headlights on the seldom city streets
Conceive patient beams that
Glow like the rays of dawning day

Pushed to the highest flame they
Sever murky August nights and
Press their image in the gloom

They curve around the corners and
Up the steepest bends, always
Splitting through the knotted haze

And then,

They tread over a silent slip
The slurring beams jostle and sway
And flicker black and white

They are headlights pointed downward
Reflected in the brilliance
Of the calming depths of stream