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did you see my cat in the "should i be worried" thread by anychance
The joker/serious business cat is scary.
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and my mom then told me to masturbate more.

Quote by Toastbot

Big burly men grunting without shirts on pretty much summed up my childhood.

Quote by The Leader
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do more look like?
It is not fucking Caturday and besides there are several threads for you to post your fucking Cats.

Pictures of cats with bad grammar are hilarious.

Please fuck off.
its saturday here morons so we'll have our caturday!
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Every day shall be Caturday.
Also, inb4 /b/ raid or close.
Quote by Tire Me.
Raping her in front of other people would be morally wrong.

Quote by Bubbles516
wtf290 uses make bubbles feel like crap
Its super effective!

^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Deep*Kick. You have destroyed every concept of life I've ever had.
Everyday is Caturday, too all of those saying it's not Caturday.
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That was a different Feb08er that threatened to suck you off
I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.
Quote by Eric 666
the first picture is ****ing weird

sitting on a glass table i presume

Quote by Fred1000000
BlackZeppelin is like Ghandi. With a bigger sense of humor.
it's the silence between the notes that makes the music.
LMAO @ Diabeetus cat. LMAO.
What you cannot escape, you must fight; what you cannot fight, you must endure.
Here ya go

Do what ya want with it. I thought it was weird enough all by itself. Ya real cat.
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You should be careful what you say. Some asshole will probably sig it.

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Yup, a girl went up to me in my fursuit one time.

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I can fap to this. Keep going.
Quote by Foo'


Faster, Tom! Run!
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)

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