I recently decided I need money and...the area I live in is guitarist deficient. So...I have decided to maybe start giving lessons to the kids at the elementary school. I might try to see if I could play a song like crazy train for them and then say "yea so...You guys should all come take a sign-up form if you want to learn guitar...$10/hr!

Anybody ever tried anything like this? I think it would be a cool way to expose my music, make money, grow the number of guitarists in the area, and get out of the house.

Ideas, anybody?

Maybe I could also put an ad up at a local movie theatre or coffee shop?

There also is a coffee shop in town that I could play some jazz songs at....anybody ever done something like that?

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A good place to post ads like that is music stores. Mainly places that sell orchestral instruments, especially if they offer lessons there. Those places are filled with kids being forced to play the clarinet but hate it just LOOKING for a way to convince their parents to play guitar.
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Charge $12. That's what all the teachers around here charge.

Anyhow, post flyers in places that kids frequent.
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That sounds like a good idea. But only if you like kids. Otherwise, don't.

Maybe an ad in the newspaper?
sounds like a good idea to me, but i think (somehow) not all kids like Sabbath.

Make sure you're not stuck into doing cause you might find you don't like it.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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You decided you need money? If you decided you need money, you probably really don't.

But if you can do it, by all means.
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do you know theory? cause if not u cant be a teacher

Not a serious one maybe, but he can still teach. You can just teach them songs you know, etc. When I was learning guitar about 3 years ago, I didn't earn an ounce of theory, just learned a couple really easy songs.

Perhaps that's why I quit pretty quickly, I've taken it up much more seriously in the past year and I've been pretty consistent with playing.

I mean if you like to teach that stuff then do it. Basically just do whatever you enjoy to make money since you clearly aren't in desperate need of it.
I know stuff other than like metal too I play a lot of jazz...which is good for convincing parents and it is helpful.

I have played for 5 years so teaching a beginner wouldn't be difficult...

I can read sheet music and most chords etc. So you know...unless I come across say a child prodigy.

In which case...I'll get his signature

Oh and I don't like "really" need money it's just I wanna get new guitar equipment, drum, another PA speaker the list goes on.

And I could probably put ads up in the elementary school so thats good...

I would just go on the late bus down to the little kid school and then I could practice until they came, then do the lesson, and get a ride home.

However the only problem is if I am in a sport that requires me to practice after school everyday hmm. Maybe I could like...have them come to my house for lessons or something lol. My guitar teachers both did that lol.

Oh and there arn't really any nearby music stores...except for wood brothers and that is 30 mins away...
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