I have a Strat that I like to use for Eric Claptons later years and classic rock. Would it be easy to just pick up an SG and play it? BTW I plan on using it for hard rock, claptons early years, and some heavy metal.
all guitars will play a little different but you should be able to play it no problem... you'll just have to get used to it
no a sg has a completely different scale setup than a strat
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You should be able to do it pretty easily. The fretboard is a different scale and the neck proflile is different. My advice is to play a few different sg's because they will play a little different and just find one that feels like your strat.
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I had a squier strat, and I bought a tokai sg, and it took me like a day to get used the the width of the neck, because the strat has a small thin neck, meanwhile the sg has a wider, but very thin neck, but it feels wonderful. So it should not be hard, just like maybe a day or a couple of hours to get used to the feel, thats about it.
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lol why has no one brought this up yet? the SG is famous for it.

I picked one up to play one at Guitar Center, and when I went to put it on my lap, it nearly toppled over, the balance on them is terrible, but its not too much of a problem, you just need to learn to always keep a firm grasp on the neck.
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youll have to relearn the guitar.
im joking obviously but have you ever played a different guitar or are you a fender person all the way.
I played my friends sg before I got a guitar but I guess that doesn't really count. I have always had my crappy squire strat which I want to move out of. I was thinking between a standard SG, telecaster, or strat. Of course, this will all be after getting a new amp.
Well, it's easy enough. I can switch from a Strat to a Les Paul with ease, so yeah..
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You'll be fine. Don't even consider it a problem.


You should be fine TS
the only thing that messes me up is a 24 fret guitar,I get up there and it is wtf?,Im use to 22 frets.

Ibanez necks I have a problem with,they are too flat and fat for me,I'm use to strats and Gibsons.