go to a store and see if you like the mt-2 metal zone
dont listen to people who say it sux. jus try it out and if you dont like it o well
Okay, I'll try to check out one of those.

I thought maybe they were doing something unique with the EQ, but I can't figure out what it is. Could it be something like that, or is the key really just in the equipment?
From my research, the common denominator is the Boss HM-2. This pedal was made in the early to mid 80's. You have to get a JAPANESE one as they were later made in Taiwan I think, and started sounding terrible. They are regularly up on Ebay for about $40 US.

Not sure about Entombed's settings, however did use them. At The Gates wanted that Entombed style of sound, so they used the pedal on Slaughter of the Soul. From what I have heard, they used it with distortion set to 0 and all EQ's on 10. I'm not sure though, I'll check the insert of my Slaughter of the Soul reissue, where they comment on the pedal.
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"Sunlight studios chainsaw guitar tone"

Best tone in Death Metal....ever.
Looking at live videos of Fleshcrawl they appear to use EMGs and Mesa Rectifiers...God knows how they manage to get the kind of tone out of them.
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For that tone?

40 Watt Peavy amp miced behind a cabinet.
Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal pedal

there you go.