Hey guys just tell me what you think, we got two new members, Trumpet and Trombone, last show we played was with the toasters in January, and this recording is pretty ****ty.


But just tell me what you think. Thanks.
"Off Target" sounds like it has potential to be a pretty cool song, but the recording is mixed poorly. You can't hear the bass at all, and the drums and guitar are way too quiet. I'm not a big fan of the sound of the vocalists voice. It has potential to be a pretty good song, but at the moment it just sounds like a mess.

"Missteps and Maladies" is also mixed poorly, but it sounds pretty good. I like the "Oh, oh ohoh" part, where the voice and trumpet (or whatever) are together - that sounds really good. I can hear the bass in this track (which is an improvement), but the I'm not a big fan of it's tone. The sax solo sounds decent, though I think it could have a bit more energy and heart put into it.

It seems that the sound levels in "Problem Solver" seem to be much more balanced, but it still sounds kind of off. Either everything is too loud, or everything is too quiet. I say that the drums definitely need to be turned up. Once again, you've got a solid tune here that would sound great with a bit more tightening up.

I love the way that you guys introduce songs. "We're a Ska Band Too" sounds like it has a lot of potential which - once again - needs to have the levels fixed.

Overall, everything has a lot of potential to become really great tracks but you definitely need to get everyone tighter and more together. Also, the levels in all four tracks are way off - so fix that. I'm not a fan of the vocalists voice, but that's personal preference. Te only other thing I can recommend is that your horn players get a bit more confident - the solos seemed kind of shy.

If you've got some time check out my acoustic stuff and let me know what you think. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
Yea like i said it was our first show in a couple of months with two new members we got about 5 weeks prior to this show, and the recording was free and we had nothing but we are hitting the studio towards the end of this month. And ur stuff is pretty good i like it. Thanks for the feed back!

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