I am kind of on the wall about buying this guitar in my local used guitar shop.

It's a guitar from the 70s--it's bizarre, but pretty amazing. It's a semi-hollow body electric twelve string guitar with a Bigsby tremolo.

It's selling for $350, but it has some issues. Besides being old, the electronics are a bit funky--it has a kill switch next to the pickup selector that renders the guitar USELESS plugged in unless you hold it up. It needs a few new switches, basically. Between the two single-coil pickups, the body appears to be sunken a bit. I will try to take some pictures and post them, but I don't know when the shop is open again.

I was offered it at $300 one time, but should I try ask them to go $300 AND repair everything for free?

I have never really haggled the price of a guitar, so I don't know where to go.

I don't know the brand name either. I'll have to figure all that out for you guys.

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Say $400 and fix it all, if not $400, then $420 should be your highest. Sunken bodies are kinda difficult to repair.

^^ Just keep in mind the price I had in mind was to replace ALL electronics, including pickups and repair the body.
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