I have some "fun" money coming in tomorrow and I think I want to get a few things for my guitar rig. I have a big selection of nice guitars and an ENGL Screamer 50. The only pedal I use is a Ibanez TS9 so I'm thinking of buy a pedal or 2.

Here are a couple of things I'm looking at:
Digitech Whammy
EHX Micro Synth
Red Witch Fuzz God II

Either one of those or a nice Avatar 2x12 extension cab(plus it will be nice for future amp purchases)

Any other suggestions on pedals or other guitar stuff? I'm looking for some nice effects, but I'm not sure what to look into. I mostly play metal(old school) but they don't have to be for metal because I like experimental music too. I'm really open to almost anything. Fire away.
Yeah thats true. If I bought a pedal I'm actually leaning twords the Fuzz God II, but I'm looking into more quirky boutique pedals so if anyone has any in mind let me know.

The cab won't be nearly as exciting as a pedal but it will probably be the best investment in the long run. hmm..
get the 2x12 man

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I might just try "fishing" for the cab for my birthday(in September ) or Christmas because Im not really sure if it is really going to be that useful for me right now because Im not planning on getting a new head until at least the begining of next year. Will a 2x12 really add a lot to my rig?
If I go with the cab, what speakers should I go with? I mostly play metal and I like a very tight bass, with a good balance of mids and highs. I also don't want to gimp myself later on when I play classic rock, ska, blues, ect ect... I don't know how much speakers really affect the sound so please be kind with your advice, speakers are one of things I never researched in depth.

Thanks guys.