I've been playing bass standing up for a while and recently I've encountered a problem. Most people have advised me to not bend my wrists but my strap on pretty high as I can play most comfortably it's nearly impossible not to as not doing so creates great discomfort for my fingering hand. As of late I've found myself venturing into lower strap positions that while they seem to put much less stress on my wrists make it nearly impossible to play a lot of 16th and 32nd notes without my bass emitting undesirable sounds. For reference, I have lowered down my bass down to my stomach.
With this lower position my wrists are much straighter but both my fretting and fingering hands feel much more awkward and much less agile that before. When I fingerpick, I play with my index and middle and rest the thumb of my picking hand on top of my E string on the pickup nearest to the bridge when playing on my A, D, and G strings. When I play my E string I simply move my thumb so that it is on the side of the pickup. This is a technique that I sort of developed myself. Any help with this will be truly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.
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I suggest you should try the new way for a little bit longer and see if the problems work themselves out. If they don't, change back to your other way.

While there are established methods of playing, the finer points are debatable and you should do whatever feels best.
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My bass is down low because its comfortable to me and I can play as fast or as slow as I want with no consiquences.... Dunno if I spelt that last word right.
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