I like it. It's catchy, and I like the overdubs you did. It's nice rock and it's relaxing too. However, it got a little repetitive for my tastes and the drums are a tad annoying and generic.

If you would be so kind as to critique my work:

nice recording quality...guitars are great in the mix...catchy riffs - could use a bridge earlier in the song to break up the monotony...probably wouldn't be as noticable with vocals...solo is well played and concise - could probably continue till the finish...and you could throw another in earlier too

nice job!

cheers, d

Pretty good..

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I like the rhythm changes on the drums early on. Makes it sound quite interesting. Also, the structure is well developed and the playing is mature. You're not trying to do too much.

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Ooh, that drop out section before the solo is great, although the solo itself sounds a little forced.

I have some stuff to listen to.