It's pretty mediocre, I bought mine as my first effect and sold it after a couple of months.
After taxes and shipping and all that crap, it comes to a grand total of $224.89 Canadian.
I've never used it personally but I hear that out of all of Zoom's multi-effects pedals the G2.1u is the best.

But like I said, I don't have any personal experience with it so I can't say whether its good or not - never really been an effects guy.
I have one, the clean sounds on it is good but the distortion and overdrive sounds very unnatural, like they come from a keyboard or something. You can make your own effects but it's hard to make it sound real:S
I bought one of these last week.

I personally use it for the modulation effects through my amps fx loop.

I only use the inbuilt modelling for recording.

It depends what you want to get out of it. It is a very versatile unit with a huge range of effects, but none of them are as good as their stomp box equivalents. If you want some extra effects, modelling to change your tone a bit then go for it. It is not a professional piece of gear and I would only use some if its modulation effects playing a live gig, I would not rely on the modelling to shape my sound.

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Quote by Dog--
After taxes and shipping and all that crap, it comes to a grand total of $224.89 Canadian.

i know the canadian dollar is somewhat close the the US dollar. so it's definitely not worth that much money. i can get one for like $60 new. it's worth it at that price, but not $225, imo.
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