hey, i got my MIM strat a couple days ago SSS. i wanna get some new pickups for it. I play AC/DC black sabbath, ozzy, metallica, music like that. i also play some blues. if you can please suggest pickup setups for me : D thanks
and the reason i get a strat... they can be good for metal. and there was nothing near as good for the 300$ budget i was on i got it used as GC
get an amp first

then see if you need pickups

because if oyu buy the pickups first and then another amp, you could get in the **** like tits on a whale

and try getting a strat with humbuckers
MIMs should be routed for HSS. you might wanna check that out. maybe you can put in a humbucker in the bridge.
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get an amp first. its more important than new pickups. when you get a new amp, you can tweak the tone and eventually see what pickups to get to shape your tone.
for pickups, check the routing if it is capable of having a humbucker then get an HSS pickguard.
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i have a **** amp, im getting a new one but i wanna get the pickups first

That makes no sense, the pickups won't make any difference. Get the amp first, because that WILL make a difference. Who knows, it might make such a difference that you won't even need new pickups.
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That makes no sense, the pickups won't make any difference. Get the amp first, because that WILL make a difference. Who knows, it might make such a difference that you won't even need new pickups.


You only need pickups to make a good tone better.

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ok. you named one metal band out of that entire list, and they're not even all that great, imo.

and to those who are recommending actives or d-activators, no!.
he does NOT need something with that much gain!

a MIM is a very nice guitar, very versatile, great for what he's playing. don't think metal > strat. because you = fail. strats, even SSS strats can get some mean metal tones...just not quietly. if you throw on some gain with a single coil, you're bound to get some unwanted noise, even if you do have noiseless pickups.

now, with that said, a humbucker would be more ideal. if the guitar is compatible with a humbucker, get one. but, get a new amp first. that is what you really need.

you can have a really nice guitar and play it through a really bad amp and it'll still sound like crap. same thing with pickups. you can put really nice pickups in a guitar but run it through a crappy amp, you'll still get a crappy sound. amps > pickups, always, always, always. if you have a great set-up but you're lacking of a bit umpfh or something, that's when you need new pickups, not a complete tonal change. just like macker said in his sig "you only need new pickups to make a good tone better" ...foo. that is some wise advice and i think you should follow that.

get a new amp, and go from there. if you get a new amp, and when i say new don't go from a 15 spider to a 120 spider or something ridiculous like that. spend all the money you can, and save. save and buy a good amp. a good amp that will suit your styles of music and will sound great. don't just clump up some money, throw it in a pot and go "ah...new amp day" because it's not going to do anything, unless it's a big pot with a lot of monies in it. but you get where i'm going. invest in a good amp, do some research and come back. just not to this thread because i think after this post this thread is going to die off quickly. again, look around and start a new thread with your newly acquired ideas.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
Well, you could get a hot rails for the bridge, but I too strongly suggest amp before pickups.
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