I am thinking of installing an after burner in my ESP. I have heard that the after burner will make my passive EMG HZs sound like they are active. so will they now sound like the 81 because the HZs are the passive version of the 81? I also looked on the website and they also have A PA-2 which sounds like it does the samething as the After burner but in a mini toggle. are there any diffrences between the two? my ESP has 1 vol and 1 tone knob and the back cavity does not look like it has enough space for another knob. could i replace the tone knob for the after burner but if the PA-2 does the same thing I would rather keep the tone knob and just have the mini toggle added. any suggestions. some help would be appreciated.
Don't bother, its not active, it won't sound active. Get real EMGs if you want he sound.