ever named any of your guitars....or other instruments?
ive named my main guitar (ibanez,not my default) ruby and my 79 samick candy and im calling my default picture guitar the mutt since its built with like a billion different parts.
anyway post any
am i the only one or not?
ehh... for effect yes in all seriousness no... and i call her sapphire
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i call her my little pony and i ride her like no other

seriously.... i call it my ibanez cuz its an ibanez
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SG (transparent red) - MJ (as in spider-man's mj cuz she's got red hair)
Tele (midnight whine) - Violet
Les Paul (silverburst) - Siberia

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Quoting yourself is cool.

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i always wanted to but i suck at making decisions like that so i never got around to it
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its really not that hard to name a guitar.
just base it off either the color, the brand or something like that.
I've named my guitars, but it takes me forever to do it. I named my last guitar the day before I sold it...

My first guitar (Epi SG) = Rosie
My acoustic = Mary
My C1+ I still havn't named her. I'm thinking Jenny though. Whenever I do name her, I might go get it engraved on my pickup covers.
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I call my Jackson DK2, Jackson.

Sorry mrs. Jackson OoooOooo!
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I named my guitar Larry. There is a bit of homosexual tension there....
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I call my red ESP Searchbar...


What? You knew someone was gonna say it.

I think there was a thread on this a while ago, but meh.

My friend calls his blue strat "Blue Bitch". I call mine "the guitar." Or in some cases "That ugly piece of **** lying over there."
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I named my guitar a long time ago, but I forgot it.
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theres been like 3 trads on this but.........

Ibanez Artcore is Sasha
Gibson SG is Lucille
Epiphone Les Paul Special II is Lauren
Hohner Acoustic is Beth
My acoustic is called Grainne, after my girlfriend. And my ukulele is called Wilbur

My electric doesn't really have a name.
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i decided to name a bass that i own "the death bass" ... not for death metal, but because its pretty much thrown in the towel by now

i mean, no ones tuned it, or cleaned it, or re strung it, or even really played it for near 15 years now .... its also been made fretless and had quite a bit of body work done to it when it was in use

but for my guitars? nah, havnt put much thought to naming em
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I've called my amp bitch.But thats beside the point.
My mate has a ****ty old ranger strat in red,so we call it the ranga.
I named my aria, ariadne...

Now I make my girlfriends jealous by saying: now I'm gonna go to ariadne and play with her, bye !

...well I try to make them jealous, but... you kinda need to be handsome or something to do that
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

My guitar's named Fender Stratocaster. Original, I know.
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's UG
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i take it that naming guitars isnt that popular haha

Using the searchbar isn't either.
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I havn't named my schecter yet but i named my cheap les paul leppy.

That sounds like a nickname you'd give to a buddy with leprosy.

I named my acoustic "Chip".
mines "nigg3r" because its black
my ther one is red because its red
and my star is called stratty
my classical is called bach
my basses:
one of em is wooten
the other is 84
my drum kit is called electra since its electric
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