Billions upon billions of problems. Kudos to anyone who takes the time to help me.

1 - Well, somehow I managed to only be able to make sound out of the last row of trigger pads. Not the keyboard itself. What do I do to make the keyboard audible?

2 - In the wavestation demo and all the other demos that came with the cd how do I make it so I can play the controller and it makes one of the sounds in there besides the Korg Reason Adapted? (Which for some reason only has 4 different sounds).

3 - Everything lights up, but the sliders don't have any text on the front of them. They were there last night. And the different tempos? They don't show up either. I didn't notice any difference until I installed the software. WTF? Can you please help me???

if you can help me thanks.
1- It's a controller. You control software or another instrument with it. It doesn't make sound
i know that lmao
I'm speaking in context of the software on the computer and what button to press on the controller in order ot play it on the keyboard not the trigger pads.
if you are using RSN i think there is an option for the instrument to learn from the control in-put.
i think if you left click over the part of the instrument you want to control then the option will be on that little menu.
i'm not sure if this will work with RSN adapted but 'any hole is a goal' yeah?