i purchased a roland cube 30x a few days ago to upgrade my fender frontman 15g.

I decided to stick with a solid state amp seeing as i am a beginner and dont really want to deal with a tube amp and such at the moment, and ive heared much praise about cube here.

I have an Ibanez Rg2ex2, it is basswood with passive emg's and although the cleans sound pretty decent, whenever i put on any distortion the tone just becomes muddy.

I was wondering if upgrading the pickups would do anything to improve the tone and remove the muddyness, or was not going tube a terrible mistake?

Any help would be much appreciated =]
change your EQ perhaps? dump some of the mids for more clarity. I think mildly scooping them sounds really great. EQ something like this and see if it helps:

the amp is great, tube would not have changed any muddiness. Pickups however, may affect it, but I would be hesitant to just up and change them.
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alright, thanks for the help. I guess i just need to fool around with the EQ some more.

but just for clarification would a pickup change have any effect on the tone at all?
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of course it would, but the consensus around UG is that the amp has MUCH more to do with tone . On a personal note though, if a pickup is just completely terrible, it has to be replaced, I had to deal with a terrible pickup that came in the bridge of my Ibanez, after I replaced it, I am very happy with the tone I get.
Gibson SG Standard
Ibanez S2170FB
Peavey JSX
Marshall 1960A
treble at full? bass at 9? i've never had an amp that something like that would work with. but thats me.
i would keep the mid's at 7, treble at 7.8, and the bass around 3 or 4. not your typical scooped tone, i know. but thats just too generic, and also scooped tones get muddy real fast if your not careful. plus, turning the bass down will leave room for a bass player in the mix.
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When did you last change your strings. If it has be a few months or more then change them. Changing the pickups will affect your tone if the stock pickups are really bad. I change the pickups on an Epiphone G400 to set of Seymour Duncan 59s and it sounded like a blanket had been lifted off the guitar. You could go to a guitar shop and try the cube 30x with some other guitars to see how it sounds with different pickups and different woods.
Mess around with your eq, pick ups will make some difference but you may not want to replace them. Just do some experimenting.