Hey guys i wrote a song this morning so i quikly recorded it. Umm its just me playing my acoustic so its pretty blank but could you guys please any help and advice on where to go from here or what to add . If u could that would be great thanx. (The song is in my profile)

you could start with some lyrics...

then once you have the basic song, add drums and bass..

maybe some lead here n there.. a couple more vocal tracks & harmonies..

that should do it
Tickle me.
The link wouldn't load for me, but most of the time when writing a song I will start either with the music or with the words.

I personally prefer starting with the music, and then I enjoy humming over the guitar part i have until I find a vocal melody I like. Then I usually try to write some short poems or lines on a piece of paper and leave the song for a day or two. Then I come back with fresh ideas and do the same thing and after about a week or two I usually have a melody that I really think fits well and a verse or two and the rest of the lyrics slowly write themselves over time.