I'll cut to the chase; recently I've been getting sore, stiff hands when I wake up in the morning. Internal aching, knuckles feeling like they need to be cracked, that kind of stuff. Also, I'm getting some weird kind of what I think are nerve pains every now and then when I lift things with that hand - kind of similar to the feeling of getting an electric shock up it.

Should I be scheduling an appointment with my doctor, or is this just the muscles getting stronger? I'm a little worried I might be getting carpal tunnel.
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i have no idea what youre on about.
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don't know what it is,
but it seems serious so make an appointment!

Even when it isn't something: one appointment too many is better then too few

good luck with it!
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What has me concerned is the "electrical tingling" feeling. That is a sign of CPS. If you feel this every day, then get to a doctor, please.

Also, check your technique--playing bass shouldn't hurt your hands.
Maybe you guys can help me.
I was gonna make a post about this, but since this one is here...

So i noticed that when I play fast, harder songs, my left hand gets pains between the thumb and pointer and below the pinky. The pain is so bad it makes me stop and i cant squeeze my hand or play for another hour. This happens when i play songs like Hysteria, Dani California and Closer to the Heart. Anyways, anyone know what it is? My technique shouldnt be the problem, I have my thumb always in the right spot!
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BulletFrost--make sure your hands are relaxed and you aren't tensing your fingers when you play fast. This can lead to the discomfort you're feeling.

Play the songs slower with a metronome and really concentrate on keeping your fingers and hands loose, then up the speed back up to full speed gradually. This may help.
it coulod be a case of strengthening the muscles in your hands and fingers. maybe use those hand grip thingees. i used to get alot of pain in my forearms when i started playing and i used one of them for about 6 months every day for about 5 mins and it helped, and now i have forearms like popeye.
If you havent been playing long, this can be expected. The muscles in your hand will be sore from the new rigors of playing. If your not new to playing then it might be more serious in which case i would suggest a visit to an orthopedist
If your new to playing these pains are to be expected as the muscels in your hand are adjusting to the rigors of that which is playing a bass. If your not new to playing then i suggest seeing an orthopedist to look at your problems