Hello, I am in the process of recording some tracks with a Martin DCXME, Fishman Classic 4 pickup. The guitar is directly plugged into the mixer. We use Cubase for recording.

The problem is that, even by lowering treble and mids on the guitar, the recorded sound it's just too bright. I'd like a warmer, dark sound. Which kind of eq. can I apply on the recorded track? Compressor? Limiter? What do you suggest?
But don't scoop the mids completely! It sounds like ****. The guitar is a midrange instrument, if you scoop the mids, you're not using your common sense!

EQing is complementary. If you raise the trebles, it's like dropping the bass. So you have to find a middle ground.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=557628 <-- look around in there.
Compressor wouldn't help you here, it's not supposed to alter the tone or the EQ, it just makes quiet sounds the same volume as loud sounds, so you can play softer parts in a song but then have louder parts where you're strumming harder, but without the need to keep adjusting the volume when you listen back to it.

Too much compressor though and it takes away some of the feeling, makes it sound different in a way and just not as good, so go easy with it.

I'm sort of having the same problem with one of my acoustic songs i've recorded so i'm not sure really what to suggest, you just gotta keep fiddling with the EQ, the right sound is in there somewhere. I'd say bring all your EQ's back down to 0 and start again, you don't wanna keep adding bass and things when you could just cut some treble or mids and it would do the same thing.