After a long time, being unable to write songs, I wrote this one. Let me know what you think.

Where were you

where local hosts are turning away
and a faint glimpse betrays
a little lack of hatred
I can't give back
to anyone
and what is it worth for?
what is it good for?
still backing away from you
still uncertain
how to keep it all on track
"and if you are in love with a greater star
it's a waste of the person you are"
how shall I mention?
how shall I mention?
quite sure that a repeating could hurt
a repeating of words?
a repeating of scene?
collecting word fragments
collecting scenes
still the same
my dreams are getting smaller
my nightmare is getting taller
quite resigned I can't stay through
(this dream)
you said you would help me through
so where the **** are you?
"I got my propaganda
I got revisionism
I got my violence
in high def ultra realism" - Nine Inch Nails "Survivalism"

But it's the same everyday drives you all insane