I’ve decided I want to develop the jazz side of my playing, and with that in mind I’m going to put the cash I make from selling some old gear toward buying a semi-hollow guitar. The guitarists I’m looking to emulate are people like Wes Montgomery, George Benson and Joe Pass.

With a budget in the region of £500, roughly $900, what are my best options? Please keep in mind that although I’m buying this primarily for jazz, because I’m giving up my backup guitar for this, I would need to be able to act as decent a backup for my strat when gigging. My band are a mix of funk, rock and ska.

What I've been looking at (please give your opinion on these too!)...

Gretsch Electromatic

Ibanez AF125

PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow

Washburn WI67 Pro

I'd probably go for the Artcore (they feel really comfortable to play, and sound great).

Take a look at some of the Epiphone ones, too.
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I've always liked the SE Custom semi hollow. I played it once and it had such a beautiul sound to it.

Not played any of the others so I couldn't give you a fair comparison.
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