I got a baja tele recently and I have to admit it weighs a fair bit...

So I was wondering, (this might be a stupid question, but) is there any easy way of reducing the weight?

Be interested to hear about any successful weight mods that anyone has carried out...

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take the tone/volume knobs off, should save about 5 grams
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the weight is nearly entirely the actual wooden body slab (hardware weighs comparatively little), and unless you plan on putting holes in your body (which is never a good idea), there's no way of doing it.

is it a really bad issue?

maybe getting exchanged for another guitar?

or if you like teles, you can get thinline ones (i.e. normal teles with f-holes, which are naturally lighter).
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Hmm.. I never thought that I'd see a thread about a Telecaster weighing too much.

There's nothing you can do to lose serious weight, which isn't destructive, so my best advice would be to go out and buy a Tele with a chambered body.

Edit: It's only an ash body, with a maple neck.. if you have trouble dealing with that kind of weight, then I dare say that every guitar you try will weigh too much.
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Warm up and stretch before you play and before you go to bed. Do situps, crunches, pushups, whatever, and go for a run every now and again. Build up some muscle and you won't ever have such a problem as this.

There's no reason any regular guitar should be too heavy to play. Maybe a double neck or a guitar with a granite fretboard(yes they exist,) not a damn Tele.