I'm pretty new to guitar and have been using my dad's old guitar-which is okay, but now I want my own, but I'm on a low budget. Im trying to decide between an Epiphone Les Paul Spec.II, Epiphone Les Paul Jr., or Epiphone SG. I'm open to other suggestions, but these were some good looking beginner guitars with good reviews at Guitar Center. Please help me by giving your advice, Thanks!
My first electric guitar was an Epiphone Special (original, not II) and it was fine.
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Go for a Cort. Cheap and high quality, not les paul or sg copies though...

Look for a used Gibson...I got mine that way.
you may want to try out some Ibanez Gios, i have one and think its pretty great, and i also hear good things about the Dean Vendetta XM which costs $100 and has a string thru body and tune-o-matic bridge. but i guess it also depends on the style of music you play