Hi guys,

I've got an Ibanez RG170 for about a half year now and i think its a pretty good guitar for beginners but im having some problems with tuning down (for example to Drop D).
The guitar has a Tremolo which is not really necessary for me since i dont really play stuff where i need it, but its kinda annoying since it makes tuning the guitar very hard.

For Example if i wanna tune my guitar from standard to Drop D:
I tune my low E string to D so the tention of the D string lowers a bit which is normal i guess, but by lowering the tention of the low E string, the tention of the other strings increases and then all other strings are like in a 'half step up'-tuning xD.

I hope u guys know what i mean its kinda hard for me to explain since i'm german.
I thought that this is normal, but a friend told me that he even tuned his guitar to Drop C and he also got a guitar with a tremolo so i asked him about my problem and he said that he didnt experience tuning problems with his guitar .

Is there any trick for tuning guitars with a tremolo or is the tremolo of my RG170 crap?

Hope you guys can help me.

Block the tremolo if you don't use it.
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You're right, it's normal - you just have to keep going back over your tuning.
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Yeah, your friend either doesn't have a tremolo, has blacked it, or is lying.

Or it only goes one way...not sure if the trems that only go one way have the same problem or not.
the tremblo on the 1570 is fantastic... hence why its going out of tune when you change tuning.

like whats been said before, block the trem, or stick to one tuning
hmm ok i dont use it so i would agree with blocking it, but how can i do that?