My neck is so bowed I get buzzing from the 1st to the 6th fret. I tried to adjust the truss but to no avail. You see I put my allan key in and it just won't turn (counter-clockwise, don't worry) and it's not stripped because I can see the key is in the truss rods nut. The luthier isn't in town, he gets back the 18th which is in 16 days! I cannot wait that long because it hinders my practice, every time I hear the buzzing noise I stop and start swearing at my guitar.

Any ideas? (is WD-40 an option?)
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wtf r u say make no sensical

if for any reason you cannot move the truss rod try adjusting the tuneomatic bridge until the guy comes back it willl raise the action but should make it playable

you can google tuneomatic and findout how to adjust this. all you really need is a screw driver

and sometime you need to use force with the truss rod. granted my epiphone is smooth to adjust but my ibanez is have to use force when turning and you hear the wood moving it makes poping sounds like when your house heats up and cools down

EDIT i think you should put the allan key back in and turn harder. there isn't alot of leverage on it(the alllan key) and the guitar technician is just going to do the same thing
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some truss rod nuts are harder to move than others, like said.

if you find yours is tough and you are afraid of breaking it, try moving the nut in the opposite direction first. A Very Small Amount. just to get the nut going.

then turn the correct direction + the additional back turn.

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^that is great advice

on cars alot(i am mechanic) we tighten a bolt if it doesn't want to lo0sen then loosen it just to get the bolt moving and not seized. althought this is probably just tight

EDIT: another thing i was thinking is, maybe you should reavaluate the condidtions you are storing your guitar and find some things on google. if these conditions are ok after reading about them than t must be something else

here are som reasons the neck moves

1) improper neck tension ie-uptuning or downtuning for a long period of time, or most common changing string guage. this will require a set up for sure.

2) the climate dry places and to humid places will either dry your neck out and move it or it will obsorb to much moisture and move it

i use to leave mine in the basemant in a cool dry place and i had to set up both my guitars again

changed from 12's to 9's had to set it up. then i changed from 9's to 10's had to set it up againn now i just stick with i kind of strings
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