Right, i play mostly alternative (Muse,RATM) but i also play quite a lot of metal (trivium, metallica) what is the best amp to suit both these styles for around £500
i just got a new Kustom Jr. Quad halfstack for $500 idk how that compares to your money but its a very nice amp has built in effects and is pretty cheap
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I'd recommend a Vox AD30VT or AD50VT. It's a hybrid, and it holds up well under distortion. I honestly don't know how that compares to your price range, since I'm from the States. Good Luck, my friend.
Anybody with the abillity to use google would realise that he has a fair bit of money to play around with here

Laney VC50 (I think its perfect for you, but unfortunately discontinued but used on ebay is easily in your price range) Or you could save more to get the VH100 stack

This would be a great alternative too.

(with some kind of distortion pedal)



http://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_hot_rod_deluxe.htm (with some kind of distortion pedal)




Of course have a look around thomanns a bit pricey with amps.
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sorry if i wasn't clearer i meant £500 for a Head not a combo. thanks for the comments already