I need some help. I'm running my pedalboard direct into the PA system at church, and... It sounds like crap. I was thinking it was because I don't have the 3 band EQ that I have on an amp. Would a 6 band EQ pedal be able to fix this? Sorry if I'm not to specific. Thanks.
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Ok, I'm not an expert, but whenever I plugged a pedal into my recording rig (basically same as mixer) it doesn't sound very good either. I believe it was an impedence or level mismatch (Hi-Z vs Lo-Z board input and the signal levels are for lower for guitar into amp vs. line level on board).

Now, what has helped a ton was two things: Try a DI box, it takes guitar signals and brings them to line level for your mixer/PA input. I've put the DI after the effect chain then into the board. Secondly, I've used pedals with a mixer out (cabinet simulation) such as those from Digitech and they worked OK as well. Your right, it still needed some EQ'ng (less so with a cabinet simulated output). Of course, something like a multi-effects unit with a line level out and amp/speaker modeling would be ideal.

I've used both techniques with a small 150 Watt PA with reasonable results... never quite "amp" sound but good enough.

As I said not an expert but nothing above will hurt your gear, so it's worth a shot.
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You either need a preamp or a DI box. May I strongly suggest a SansAmp from Tech21.
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Thanks guys. Yea web, as you were saying, I bought a multi-effects unit with a mixer out, but it was 200 bucks and I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it, haha. Thanks again though, I will certainly look at a DI box.
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