im looking to start or join a band based around leicestershire i live about 30mins-hour from leicester myself; looking for bassist, drummer ,synth player maybe? and thats about it.
i personally am influenced musically by;
Alkaline trio
hell is for heroes
basically dark lyrics but musically simple stuff
(dont worry im a decent guitarist ,just prefer that kind of music)
or anything a bit odd eg polysics ,mad capsule markets ,dir en grey,mucc
these are only my personal influences ,im willing to start any kind of rock band.
I do take this very seriously and aim to play live often and write original material.
info that might be relevant;
im 18 so would looking for a band around that age really (late teens /early 20s).
i do write lyrics ,im not demanding that they be used but im just putting it out there ^^.
i have been in bands before but theve all been a bit crap ,but it means i have quite a bit of experience playing live and i do have a btec lv 2 in music performance if that means anything lol.
..err thats about it really XD
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im a bassist in leicester, thurmaston. im 15
tell me more about influences if youre intrested.
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well theres the aforementioned alk3 and H.I.F.H and then err bad religion definately. musically i guess the wildhearts are a big influence, dunno really. But mainly alk3, bad religion and other dark/punk stuff if your intrested that would be awesome.