So, I've been looking at speaker cabinets, and one glaring thing has been pulsing in the back of my brain. What exactly is the difference between rear-ported and front-ported speakers? Besides the obvious fact of where the ports are... Are there any pros or cons to having one over the other? Thanks in advance.
This is the GUITAR AND BASS basics thread. Try asking that in the Gear and Accessories thread.
I can try to help a little tho. A speaker produces as much air movement on the backside as it does on the front, so rear porting works well with big sub's that have lot's of deflection. Front porting is basically just a rear port that projects the sound made by the back of the speaker out of the front of the cabinet. The actual front of the speaker is wide open so doesn't require any porting.
That's about it. Still, ask in the Gear thread, maybe someone will be able to offer more info.