Ok so i bought this amp back in november 2007, it was a barely used B-52 triple rectifier at-100 so about 9 months I've had it played about 10 shows wi it no problem and practiced pleanty with no problems at all, but suddenly yesterday it jus like died on me( not power wise, it still had power), it jus stopped producing sound and had a faint hiss. I checked everything, cmaking sure my chord was good, checking imputs, chords in the back. everything, so i go to Guitar center and they say its a manufacturing problem and i needa get it fixed, i called B-52 and they told me to go to an amp repair place, but shouldnt they cover the charges its thier fault? also can i fix a problem liek this on ym own? any amp specialists i need help!

-my amp turns on fine
-tubes are fine
-fuse is fine

it jus produces no sound jus a faint hiss that dissapears
~shecter hellraiser C-1~
did you check your guitar jack?, its probably a given but also .. idk, speaker wire came lose? etc