I was thinking once I get the money to, that I would change the pickups on my epiphone sg g400 to some emgs like a lot of people do to theirs. Ive heard a few guitars with emgs and I think they sound great. I dont know how to install pickups though, or whether I should get the passive or the active ones.

i got the hzs and i like em better then the active cause they aint to hot so you can do more classic rock
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They wont do anything to help the tone from your line 6

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definately go with the active pickups. they sound so much better than the passives. wire them for 18 volts and they're even better!
My guitar is an epiphone sg g400. Sadly, my amp is a Line 6 Spider III 75w which im thinking of replacing with maybe either a peavey or a roland cube sometime around christmas.

Oh, and I want the new ones cuz ive heard and played a few guitars with the emgs and I think they sound great. Ive been thinking about changing the stock pickups because they are pretty decent, but Id like to put something nicer and better sounding in.
new pups won't be worth it, you wont notice much of a differnce with your current amp.
Oh, thanks anyways though. But for whenever I do get a new amp Id still want to replace them eventually.

Could anybody just give me a link to a site telling me how to do this, or would I just be better off getting someone at a guitar shop doing it for me?
and what where the amps you were looking at getting?

as for putting in new pups, just find the diagram for the pups you got....
People recommended that I should try a peavey or a roland cube. Never played a peavey but ive heard good things, the roland cube I have played and I think its a pretty good sounding amp.. a lot better than a spider thats for sure.