i was wondering is their is any way to play open chords like G, A,D and F in drop c tuning(C G C F A D)
thanks !
Yeah. Just move everything up a step, and everything on the low C two steps from it's normal position.
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ah ok thanks!
but how would i play G as thts quite a stretch if i play two steps up on low c
and one step up on everything else?
play the same shapes, though they'll be different chords. except for G... for that, fret the 2nd fret on the "F" and "A" strings, then you'll have g,b,d on the top three strings.
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You can play the chords the same way; they will just be a step lower. Although since you are playing in Drop C G will be a b*tch, so I suggest not doing open chords on a drop tuning, unless you want to deal with a big stretch. Also if you meant you wanted them to sound the same as in E standard, then you will have to switch to D Standard and barre the 2nd fret and then do the open chords, or switch to D standard and use a capo on the 2nd fret.

Sorry if that seems confusing.