I wrote this song yesterday and recorded it this morning. I did the drums in Acoustica Beatcraft and recorded all the guitar, bass, and vocals through my Line6 Gearbox. The mix still needs some work but I think its okay for now -

(Click on Ace of Love, it should be the first song in the player)

I'd really appreciate some feedback on it! (things I could improve)
i like it
i would recommend for now to keep the highhat/ cymbals on the eighths tighter
and then the whole thing will just sound crisper?

i like it though very audioslave and chris cornellish
great work, thats an awesome song

yeah it reminded me of chris cornell's music too
The vocals should be a bit higher in the mix. You should turn down the hi hat a bit, and turn the guitars up a little bit. The actual vocals weren't bad, they were pretty good. Although in the chorus, it sounds like you're struggling a little too much to hit those high notes, and it doesn't always work. You should work on that. The melody is pretty sweet, the overall sound of the song is pretty neat. The guitar solo was very nice, simple but nice sounding, suited the song really well, as did the tone. One thing I noticed as well about the vocals is that sometimes you bring the mic closer to your mouth and other times you bring it farther away. This creates a discrepancy in the volume of the vocals at times. I like the cool little clean break you had near the end.

Overall, pretty cool song, I liked it. Just needs a little work
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vocals need to come up a bit, and the melody is pretty cliche....i'm pretty i've heard it before. the guitar was ok, but more riffs would be cool. the chorus was impressive, way to hit the high notes! the drums do sound very much as though they were "beatcrafted" soloing was nice and simple.

overall, quite fun.

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Thanks for the feeback guys. I'm going to try and redo some of the vocal takes and see if I can get it to sound better. Also, I just ordered a new microphone, so hopefully I can get a better sound. I know the drums need work, but hopefully I will be able get the drummer from my last band to come in and play sometime.

I know the melody and chord progressions are kind of predictable but I'm going for a commerical sound. I'm hoping to make a good pop/rock CD before I move to Charleston so I can get out there!