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there's some many threads of this made...
but it all matters on the circumstances
Have you searched for this already?

I prefer a Multi FX, untill you do really big shows.
A lots effects for less money then when you buy them seperate. Most of the time good quality. But you have to store new programs each time, but you can do that. That`s a plus. But read the rules about Vs threads. They`re not allowed. but I think this one is good.
Yeah, i like multi effects fir the price and compactness, but just make sure to get one without shortcuts that activate when you hit 2 pedals at once, they get annoying sometimes
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A multi fx is like getting a few dozen bottom of the barrel fx. Sme might be liked but most will be found usless. In y experience i've found most multi fx pedals ive tried to have decent delays, reverbs, and some modulations but if your'e looking for distortion it will be hit and miss. i have a korg gnx3000 as well as a few pedals for distortion, a tremolo, compressor, and wah pedal ran through a little class a tuber and can get about anything i want out of it. Id advise you to get a cheap multi fx unit (200 to 300 dollar range) to find out what fx you like and suppliment the liked fx that sound bad to you with higher end pedals. PS tube distortion comes from tubes only accept no imitations.
For me it's always been about two issues altogether. The first being "the intuitive" versus "the accessible", the second issue being completely about tone.

In a live setting, it's way way easier to hit a single switch and recall a preset containing every effect you need as opposed to working your way around numerous individual pedals that you can not control all at once in a standard pedalboard format. However, individual pedals are virtually always easier to dial in and don't require the time or synaptic activity associated with programming presets. As far as I'm concerned, accessibility always wins out over intuitive all else being equal.....but all else is usually not equal.

The biggest argument you see regarding multi-effects versus individual pedals is always the issue of tone, and the consensus opinion is that individual pedals sound better. Of course this is a general (and often uneducated) opinion and is by no means concrete. For instance I'd take a TC Electronic Nova System over the entire DigiTech catalog (except perhaps the Whammy) any day and this has everything to do with tone and nothing to do with intuitiveness versus accessibility. On the other hand I've never found anything that can duplicate the OD that I use so it's a staple in my rig regardless of accessibility issues.

Another issue to look at is the cost/versatility thing. Multi-effects pedals generally offer way more tonal options than even a large pedal collection, and at a price that's hard to argue with. You also don't have to invest a small fortune in cables and an actual board to put everything on.

I fought this battle for a long time and built several pedalboards and had several multi-effects processors. I eventually decided that I wanted the best of both worlds and am now using a Midi rig with a switching system that allows me the ability to switch in/out all the pedals I use and two multi-effects processors while controlling the amp channel all with a single stomp.
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It depends on you really as to what is better. There are pros and cons to both. For alot of people someting like a Boss GT8/10 or a Line6 XT/X3 live is all they ever need. Others like to choose the exact effects that they want they may only need say a tubescreamer and a digital delay and a wahwah.
The nice thing about multi effects is that you can store your settings in patches and recal them when needed. You could make a patch for every song you play or you could save say several clean paches and various distorted patches depending what sounds you wanted.
I like the multi effects route I am considering a GT8/10 or an XT/X3 Live or maybe a flextone.