that's just ****ing cruel.

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woah, the little dude survived, kudos to him

the person should have killed the thing for sure if they had wanted to get rid of it, not a half assed attempt like that
I hate cats, but I can't help but feel sympathy for this one. It's horrible to treat an animal like that.
That is fucking disgusting. I hope whoever did it gets thrown out of a car into traffic and sustains massive injuries and needs therapy because of the trauma from the experience.

I bet it was because one of u began to masturbate then stopped.

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Did it land on it's feet like most cats do?
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If I had a chance to meet whoever did that, I would hurt them so badly. Break their legs and throw them out of a car.
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I lol'd.

Dissapointed by the lack of flying kitten footage.

Go suck a fuck.

Anyone see the video of a cat being repeatedly thrown out of a block of flats onto the pavement by some chavs? I felt so bad when I was watching it
Cats are strong cuz of teh milk. I wasnt suprised that it survived becuase cats always land on their Feet!

Got milk?
It's funny that 1 kitten getting thrown out of a car brings up as much reaction as with a disaster killing thousands of people lol
Wouldn't it be so much to give the kitten to a cat charity anonomously and ask them to find it a new home?

I've been working in a cattery for the past few weeks, and most of the kittnes have no trouble finding new homes at all.
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It's funny that 1 kitten getting thrown out of a car brings up as much reaction as with a disaster killing thousands of people lol

But people aren't so delightfully furry...
i agree with the first person to post after the TS
im not gonna watch

i HATE the way some people treat animals...theyre just as equal to us. Just because we cant understand them and understand their emotions...doesnt mean they should be treated any lesser to us humans

I wish to hunt the wrong-doers down and exact the defenseless animals revenge.
see how the news report are random stuff ! when i listen to the news i want to hear about ben laden or gaz war.. not about a cat who has been trhowed out of a car on the highway !!
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I'm not even going to watch it, I love kitties.

Who doesnt love kitties?
I say we find the person who tossed the kitty out and beat them with a shoe that has dog **** on it.
You really have to have some huge mental problems if you can do that, poor little kitty.