I use mac Soundtrack pro with my RP250 Digitech effects pedal (my wah wah pedal doesn't work for some reason )
I Use, Mac GarageBand, Gives me alot of options, i know it comes pre installed, but, i love the program, for my solo work and my podcast stuff

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i also have a mac, if you're looking to upgrade i'd suggest logic express 8
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that is how i started out!!! I love that program I still use it. Before I played guitar I would make my own songs on their.
i've never recorded, but i've always assumed my copy of audacity would be enough
this was asked last month..anyways...

I use Cakewalk Sonar Producer 7
My interface is an M-Audio 2496 PCI internal card however im looking to upgrade to the Tascam FW1884 as soon as I get enough cash together....as well as some KRK studio monitors.
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Cubase SX3, with a Tascam US-122 Audio Interface to a Marshall MXL 990 condenser for vocals, I'm planning on picking up a Shure SM57 for mic'ing my amp soon.
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Got a Macbook with Logic Express 8, Reason 4, Guitar Rig 3 FX, Battery 3, , then there's all those little plug-in Novation 25 RemoteSL Compact MIDI keyboard controller which includes Novation Bass Station, few more synths, few more instruments n effects and Ableton Live Lite (which i've never used yet).
Then in hardware its the M-Audio FireWire Solo recording interface and a Shure SM58 mic.

I don't think i need anymore stuff to get going now! Maybe a faster and more powerful comp would do though!
Garageband for all my stuff, I do have logic pro but I honestly find garageband to be a better app for what I'm doing.
Check out 8-Bit Trip!

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At home I have Protools LE (wouldn't recommend it, but I do some work in small studios that use LE, so I needed to get used to it) I mostly use Cubase SX3 on my PC, and Logic Pro on my mac.
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