I'm new to electric but I want a decent guitar. I've been playing acoustic for about seven months now so I am looking to buy a Mexican Fender Strat standard and I play blues, classic rock, punk, alternative stuff. I was wondering what a good amp would be to play through with the strat. My budget for an amp is $300. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
get a HSS strat...maybe a peavey classic 30 or VK112.
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Definitely HSS Stratocaster, with... uh, well, I would suggest maybe a small tube amp, like a Fender Superchamp XD perhaps? It's got a variety of presets, and sounds nice for the price.
Well, he has never played electric before, so... like, wouldn't the VK be a bit loud? Plus, with the Superchamp or even a VOX Valvetronix, he could mess around with the presets/effects to get tones he likes, and what not.
I take it you are not gigging, but can you buy used?

If you live in States can you try Craigslist.com and see what's on there?
Musical Instruments and then search amplifiers and/or guitars

But Valvetronix and SuperChamp are good ideas. VK can be played at lower volumes it is not necessarily a loud amp like you would think because it breaks up quickly (ie, not has much headroom).
Yeah, a HSS Strat and a Valvetronix is good. Don't get the XL ones though, they aren't that good.
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Ok thank you and when you say HSS I know it means its pickups are humbucking, then single coil, single coil but is this usually known as the fat strat made by fender? And no I probably won't be gigging right away but I might join a band in the future.