I want to buy a first guitar, but should I buy it with single coils or humbuckers?
I like rock/hard rock. A single coiled guitar would be preferable as they are cheaper, and well, hey, it is a first guitar, but I don't know...
for rock, get one with a humbucker.
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Get both. Buy a Yamaha Pacifica or a used HSS Strat. Usually it's not either or when it comes to pickups. Worse comes to worse, you can get a Dual Humbucker guitar and coil tap it to get a single coil.
Two really different sounds. If you like heavy music you probably won't like the single coil sound. It took me many years to be able to appreciate it. The funny thing is a lot of hard rock was done with single coils - like tons of Led Zeppelin. IMO single coils have a better clean sound and the distorted sound is also great - just not a thick sounding as humbuckers. Both have their good points and limitations. Also, unless you get noiseless ones, single coil pickups have a hum.

I would think about who your favorite guitarists are and what they use, or what your favorite tones are and try to find out what the guitarist used to make them. That will give you a better idea of what to go for.
That seriously depends. Many can rock a single coil but you definitely get more distortion on the humbucker.
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Okay, Modern hard rock or classic hard rock? Most modern crap uses humbuckers for that beefy sound.. Single coil tends to have that twangy sound...

Humbucker Single Single (HSS) sounds like a good choice for ya.
Yup, get a HSS Strat type thing. Like a Yamaha Pacifica. They're really good guitars.
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Harder Rock: Buckers
Bluesy-rock: Definetely Single-coils.
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