Okay at the moment.. I'm getting a 50's reissue strat, but in the mean time all I have to play is my old squier. When I was just messing around i just unscrewed the whole pickguard and pickups. I have everything back in place except the fact that when I screwed the pickups back in they're set too high making me unable to string the guitar. I know this is probably a really stupid question or whatever, but I'm a really stupid person so it's befitting. Also, I have no idea where the springs go for the pickups so if someone would help explain that it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in adv. for any help.
There's probably two little screws next to each pickup, one on each side. Turn them to the left to move them down.

I'm not positive but I think that's how it works on most guitars.
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well i know that it loosens the pickup and allows it to go down but when I do that it compromises the pickup's stability.. like the pickup will move up and down which.. i don't want..
Yeah that's right. The little screws on the side of the pickups are for height adjustment. Rule of thumb, the higher the pickup, more volume output you get. I personally keep it a little lower, for tonality reasons. Your call.
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higher, more gain,
lower, more tone.
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okay. i think that helped thank you. i feel really stupid. well anyway to change the direction of this thread.. what do you think the best guitar is in the price range of $500-$700 for playing blues, rock, church music sort of stuff lol?